Defence Products

PREMIER EXPLOSIVES LIMITED manufactures a comprehensive range of sophisticated, hi-tech industrial explosives at its various divisions/locations. The range includes Emulsion and Slurry explosives; LD cartridge explosives; Bulk explosives; Small-dia non–permitted explosives; Permitted explosives: Cast Boosters; Pillow-packs for secondary blasting.
Dynex series is a versatile water-in-oil emulsion explosives for Blasting in large dia holes. In emulsion explosives, small droplet of oxidizer is coated by fuel. The degree of intimacy between oxidiser and fuel is more. This leads to very high V.O.D., high explosive energy release and excellent water resistance.

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For high performance blasting in small holes in 25, 50 and 62 mm. Dia under the names Dynex-3 & Dynex-C. (emulsion / slurry).
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PERMITTED Explosives
P1, P3 & P5 type cap sensitive slurry / emulsion explosivres for use in underground coal mines under the names Colex-1S , Colex-3 & Colex-5
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Premier Explosives Limited is operating Site Mixed Systems with the indigenously developed technology to cater to the needs of customers who consume large quantities of explosives. In this system, the explosives are manufacturers at site on specially designed trucks and deliver directly into the hole at mines.
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Boostex is a Pentolite Booster with very long shelf life, high V.O.D., high density and high strength. It is used for priming any relatively insensitive explosives like ANFO, Slurries, Water Gels and Emulsions. It is sensitive to initiation by No.6 / No.8 detonators and detonating cord. Upon initiation it detonates at a high velocity and very high detonation temperature. The Boostex is quipped with two holes for easy initiation with detonating fuse or detonators. Boostex is available in pellets of 20g, 100g, 250g and 500g.
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